Buying Dinner in the Sky Dubai Ticket Online

If the introduction of the beauty of this unique dining thrills you already, book your dinner in the sky dubai with us to make your journey ever more convenient. It would be preferable to book your tickets online as the process of confirmation of seats is long, therefore instant booking in the premises isn’t an option. Booking your tickets for dinner in the sky online would ensure a convenient, quick and easy experience plus on applying the various discounts offered, dinner in the sky dubai price would fall. All the aspiring guests must pay attention that the tickets once confirmed, Sky Dubai won’t reimburse your money on cancellation of tickets. They won’t be allowed to reschedule their visit once confirmation of sitting spots has been sent via mail.

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  • Indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime, 90 minutes dining experience in the clouds while taking in Dubai’s picture-perfect sights

  • Enjoy a 3-course meal, suspended 50 meters above the ground with 360 degree views of the Dubai Marina, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa

  • The Sky Dining Experience is complemented by the most advanced safety features to make sure it's as safe as much as it's thrilling and fun filled

  • Capture memorable selfies and pictures with your family and friends from another angle while hanging in the air

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Must Know Before You Go
  • The minimum age to participate in this activity is 8 years. Also, children who are 4feet 5inches and taller will only be allowed entry. There will be no different pricing and the menu will be the same.
  • Smoking is forbidden during the activity.
  • There are no bathroom breaks during the 90 minutes of the activity. If it is utterly urgent, you will be lowered down, however, you won't be allowed to get back on board.
  • There is a safety net below so if anything gets dropped, chances are, it stays on that.
  • Guidelines issued by the respective State-Government is to be followed. Social distancing to be maintained. Frequent hand sanitization and use of masks recommended.
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About Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Dining at exotic places with an exotic menu is a gone era in Dubai where visitors are trying a thrilling unworldly experience as they sit for dinner in the Sky Dubai. Surely, a once in a lifetime opportunity it’s when you are 50 metres up in the air to enjoy a full course meal and turn your fantasy to life. Visitors would be seated at the table, ready to host upto 22 guests at a time to entertain you with sumptuous meals coming from an international menu with breathtaking views of the Marina. You would have an option to enjoy an amazing lunch on a drowsy afternoon, sipping your afternoon tea and relaxing in your fastened seat while your gaze is stuck at the 360 degree panoramic view of the city.

On a cool windy day breathe in the freshness of the emerald and turquoise waters multiplying the beauty of all the major attractions of the city erected around the sea. From the clouds, it is visible a bird’s eye view of Palm Jumeirah, Buj Al Arab and spotting Burj Khalifa is still the easiest, as is the Dubai Marina. All the night lovers, on the other hand would have the perfect night view of a sparkling skyline and mellows of roars of the sea waves that would serve as the perfect humming music playing in the background. Don’t worry about your budget as the experience of dinner in the sky price is really low and won’t stress your pockets much.

Dinner in the Sky Dubai Dining Options


Enjoy the beautiful skyline and blue sky as you sit at the table ready to welcome you 50 metres above the sea. The course of Lunch presented on the table would start with delicious starters like Burrata Salad or Middle Eastern Set. Choose either of the two salad plates decorated with your favourite veggies. While waiting for the main course to be offered, fix your gaze distantly at the emerald water of the sea. Let the hot chocolate of Chocolate Fudge Cake melt in your mouth after being done with your meal. If chocolate isn’t your go, well an exotic fruit salad with berries and cream is on the menu as well.


Haven’t the dreams of enjoying a delicious meal in the clouds like those in fairy tales, crossed your head in childhood? It would be exciting to live the dream, if it wasn’t your dream, the experience of dinner in the Sky Dubai would be even more enthralling and bewitching. The table would be decorated with starters, main course and dessert against the enchantingly lit up skyline of Dubai. The exotic menu of the main course would allow its visitors to choose from oriental beef, king fish, corn fed chicken and tortellini pasta. After calming the growling of your hungry stomach add more taste to your dinner with either chocolate sphere surprise, fruit potpourri or live made vanilla and blueberries ice cream.

Experience at Dinner in the Sky in Dubai

Experience at Dinner in the Sky in Dubai
  • It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy a meal, up in the air while breathing in the majestic view of the emerald waters and panoramic layout of the city.
  • The exotic menu adds an additional charm of the up-sky dinner or lunch, making its visitors visit the place again and again.
  • Leave aside all your worries of safety while sitting down on your bucket seat as you’re strapped safely through harnesses to it.
  • Immerse yourself in a 360 degree panoramic view of the city and enjoy your dinner in the Sky Dubai with the splendid beauty in the background demanding all your attention.
  • The friendly staff would ensure that you have an uplifting experience at the sky restaurant and help you out in any sort of inconvenience that troubles you during the dinner in the Sky Dubai.
  • Visitors can book a table with the capacity of hosting upto 22 people for enjoying an exclusive with their friends or families. The tight security norms practised by the managerial authorities make the dinner safe for children as well.

Know Before You Go Dinner in the Sky Dubai

Plan your Visit to Dinner in the Sky Dubai so that your night goes flawless with your loved ones.

Location & How to Reach
Essential Information
  • Get ready to experience the thrill of flying up to 50 metres in the air. You will be fastened to your seat with a harness, so you can enjoy dinner in the Sky Dubai.
  • Enjoy the beauty of the skyline and freshness of the emerald waters underneath, at this one-of-a-kind dining experience.
  • From the sky you will be able to see all the major attractions in Dubai such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, Burj Al Arab and more.
  • To ensure your safety during the dining experience, a professional supervisor would accompany you into the clouds to make sure your dinner in the Sky Dubai proceeds smoothly.
  • Stay up in the air for at least 90 minutes enjoying the scenic beauty and delicious meal.
  • Dinner in the Sky Dubai price is highly affordable and would easily fit in your Dubai trip.

FAQ’s of Dinner in the Sky Dubai

What is special about dinner in the Sky Dubai?

    Dinner in the Sky Dubai is a thrilling experience as you soar 50 metres up in the air to enjoy an exotic dining and appreciate the splendid views from the height. While having an amazing platter take a moment off to inhale the freshness of the emerald waters of the sea in the afternoon and the magically lit up skyline in the night.

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